Creative Courage

Descending to Earth by Annie Zalezsak




The Courage to Create

Every moment of our life is alive with creation. Each decision, each act, each word has a power with a continuity effect. It reverberates into the world as something distinct from anything else that has ever occurred in the past. Thus, each moment is a brand new creation.

Conscious Creation

Conscious creation takes great courage. To summon your energy, permit it to flow as it will, and express itself as something new and unique with your personal stamp on it, is to risk everything.

Creation, or that which is created, risks being seen. The creator risks being known. Both risk being judged, criticized, ridiculed. The fear paralyzes many an artist; what does he live for, if not his art? And if his art is not valued, nay, regarded as worthless, what point is there to being at all?

The risk is great. And so, to create with all one’s truest, most authentic idea, imagination, inner power, is to be fantastically courageous. Who has such courage?


This website hopes to inspire you to have Creative Courage. It is something that I have had a lifelong struggle with: bringing the inside to the outside. It’s said, “we teach best what we need most to learn”. Let me show you ‘how’, by example. It is in seeking my own Creative Courage that I hope to help you emerge with yours.

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